Bottom line: Xiaomi could return to growth mode in China this year on the strength of stronger models, while Huawei's local market share will contract as it focuses on profitable sales and backs away from money-losing businesses.
Huawei meets reduced smartphone target
Two of China's former smartphone leaders are in the headlines going into the weekend, casting a spotlight on the difficulties these past high-flyers face after becoming king of the world's biggest market. In one story the faded Xiaomi is saying the worst is behind it, and the compan......
Bottom line: Chinese smartphone brands with local production are most likely to survive upcoming price wars they are exporting to India, while Nokia's new smartphones are unlikely to make any inroads in China over the next 2-3 years. 
China exports smartphone price wars to India
A case of deja vu is rapidly shaping up in India, where Chinese smartphone makers have flocked over the last two years in search of growth outside their overheated home market. In this case media are reporting that Chinese brands have surged to take half of the Indian market by dumping millions......

TELECOMS: Huawei Declares End to Growth at Any Cost

阳歌 01月03日


Bottom line: Huawei's revenue growth for 2017 is likely to drop by more than half from 2016's rate of 32 percent as it cuts its money-losing businesses, with the biggest slowdown likely to come in its smartphone unit.
Huawei to focus on profitability in 2017
Quality over quantity is a growing theme in China these days, as the nation puts aside its previous pursuit of high growth at any cost in exchange for more sustainable expansion in high-quality areas. After starting at the top in Beijing, that theme is trickling down the corporate food chain to telecoms giant H......
Mark Dreyer

Huawei breaks new ground

Mark Dreyer 04月18日

Writing about sports and China.

Another day, another sports team signs a sponsorship deal with Huawei. This time, though, the sport is cricket and the team is Indian Premier League side Royal Challengers Bangalore.
Huawei makes its first foray into cricket
The Indian arm of Huawei will be RCB’s main shirt sponsor and will also get all the usual promotional exposure and signage at the team’s stadium, though terms or length of the deal were not announced. Cricket is new territory for Huawei, but it’s the latest in a long line of recent sports sponsorship deals by the Chinese tele......
Mark Dreyer

Brooklyn Nets, Sacramento Kings heading to China

Mark Dreyer 04月15日

Writing about sports and China.

The NBA’s Global Games schedule is out for 2014 and the upshot for Chinese fans is this: Nets vs Kings in Shanghai on October 12, before the same teams play in Beijing on October 15.
It’s not the most appealing line-up of all time, or even this year – the Spurs are going to Europe that week, while the Heat play in Brazil – but the NBA preseason games have become a staple of the autumn calendar here.
Taiwanese fans will miss out this time, after the NBA staged preseason games in Taipei in 2009 and 2013. Guangzhou also hosted games in 2008 and 2010, bu......
Mark Dreyer

PSG becomes Huawei’s jewel in the crown

Mark Dreyer 04月09日

Writing about sports and China.

Despite effectively being blocked from doing anything of consequence in the US, Chinese telecoms group Huawei has been continuing its expansion plans in Europe and elsewhere, thanks in part to an increasingly successful soft power campaign that has seen the firm partner up with a variety of sports properties. In the last year alone, Huawei signed deals with: 
·         Australian rugby league team Canberra Raiders
·         the World Triathlon Grand Final in Lon......
Mark Dreyer

华为投资体育 欲靠软实力打出品牌

Mark Dreyer 11月05日

Writing about sports and China.

Mark Dreyer

More global sports deals for Huawei

Mark Dreyer 09月22日

Writing about sports and China.

It’s been another big week for Chinese telecoms firm Huawei in the world of sports. Firstly,as previously mentioned, the company sponsored the ITU World Triathlon Grand Finale in London last weekend (and, as an aside, the ITU is the International Triathlon Union, not the International Telecommunications Union, as originally mentioned in this (now corrected, but still) shocker of a piece by Sir Simon Jenkins), meaning plenty of prominent signage for Huawei all over London’s Hyde Park.
Next, top German soccer team Borussia Dortmund announced Huawei as it......
Mark Dreyer

Huawei to take global sporting PR tour to London

Mark Dreyer 09月06日

Writing about sports and China.

I’ve written before about Chinese telecoms company Huawei using sports and entertainment to combat the atrocious PR it tends to get around the world. That trend is continuing, but the company now appears to be spurning the US and focusing more on Europe.
In the latest bid to promote an event or team in a foreign capital (after Canberra, Washington DC, Madrid and counting…), Huawei will be the official technology sponsor of next week’s World Triathlon Grand Final in London, which takes place in Hyde Park from September 11-15 and is part of the Lo......
Mark Dreyer

Huawei using sports to combat bad PR

Mark Dreyer 07月24日

Writing about sports and China.

With all the negative press that Chinese telecoms firm Huawei has been receiving in recent days – that it “spies for the Chinese government“, or that the Brits are investigating Huawei’s involvement in a cyber security base in the UK – you would think it might take more than a little gentle sports PR to turn things around.
Yet that’s exactly what the company seems to be banking on in Australia, where news of the spying claims – made by a former head of both the NSA and the CIA – first broke last week. Huawei has just extended its s......


陈酿老久 实朴

原文:还乡琐记:草木叩门 生活继续

吴春波H-R “乡田同井,出入相望,守望互助,疾病相持”,已成追忆。

原文:还乡琐记:草木叩门 生活继续

小胖子真不瘦 风口浪尖上的传奇人物!如果你就这样被打败,那你就真的太失败了,但是我相信你不是这种人,期待你东山再起的那天。


lulud 创业英雄还是欺诈惯犯


zhangmingxiao 川普执政一百多天,初见端倪


孙越 史上有很多传奇,更有很多英雄,他们的死彰显生命的价值。


zhangmingxiao 这个不是一起超售事件,是美联航因为内部员工需要乘坐飞机,旅客满员的情况下利用超售这个工具来达到赶下旅客的目的。

原文:美联航赶乘客下飞机 资深机长告诉你是否违规

郭杰群 在美国,地产开发商将出售资产所得在一定期限内进行类似房产的再投资可以享受一定的免税条款。这在我国当前还不具备,因此在一定程度上制约了地产商的能动性。


Lypsey3543 “据个人了解,中国一线城市住宅投资收益率不会高于3,美国可以达到6。”作者这里说的应是租金收益率。首先,因(特大)人口增长加速,在新兴市场投资房产,主要看资本利得,动态租金收益要会延后实现,静态比较同期没有太大意义。其次,物业年均持有成本,纽约和中国一线城市不可比。第三,纽约和曼哈顿是两个概念。离开曼岛,租金中位数值完全是不是一个档次。而中国一线城市的租金上涨范围更大。因为仍处于成长期。总体而言,虽然在中美两国都投资的是房产,但从收益分布特征和波动率来说,完全可以看作是差别极大的两类资产。就如同高等级债券和蓝筹股票,横比收益没有意义,因为后者大幅超越。归根结底更可能是风险偏好异质性(含Demographic factors)和经济周期所处阶段决定了投资者更偏爱哪一类。


王争春 价格和土地供给的问题,我们慢慢谈。市场有垄断市场、寡头市场和竞争市场,定价规则自然有差异。