INTERNET: Sohu Slide Continues, Time to Sell?

阳歌 04月25日


Bottom line: Sohu founder Charles Zhang should privatize his company in the next year and then sell off the pieces, or risk see his dwindling empire slowly become worthless.
Sohu's incredible shrinking empire
You know you're a CEO when you can call results like those just released by Internet company Sohu (Nasdaq: SOHU) "solid". Of course that's my sarcastic assessment, after reading the latest quarterly report that absolutely nothing upbeat about it from one of China's oldest Internet companies. Nearly all of the numbers in Sohu's latest......

MEDIA – LeEco Default Strains China Sports Bubble

阳歌 02月28日


Bottom line: LeSport's reported default on payments for Asian Football Confederation soccer games marks the start of the popping of a bubble for sports broadcasting rights dating back to last year.
LeSports soccer drive on the skids
In what could be the first domino to fall in China's overinflated market for sports broadcasting rights, the sports unit of cash challenged LeEco (Shenzhen: 300104) has reportedly defaulted on payment for one of several high-priced packages it purchased last year. In this case, it appears that fans of Asian Football Confederat......
Mark Dreyer

Maradona wins China court battle – but will he get paid?

Mark Dreyer 06月19日

Writing about sports and China.

Diego Armando Maradona, the scourge of English soccer fans and the Italian taxman, has just achieved perhaps one of the greatest accomplishments of his storied career: winning a case in a Chinese court.
Maradona first accused Chinese internet firms Sina and The9 of using his likeness – a cartoon image of the Argentinian in his national team jersey – in the online game “Hot Bloodied Soccer” without his permission back in 2011. He then appeared in a Beijing court in person last summer to demand 20 million yuan ($3.2 million) in compensation.
Mark Dreyer

Homer Simpson and the Weibo Rule

Mark Dreyer 05月03日

Writing about sports and China.

Even Homer Simpson knows statistics can be used to prove anything. That’s particularly true in China, where data is not known for being the most reliable. Whether it’s GDP figures, box office numbers or internal accounting, numbers in China are best taken with a sack or two of salt.
I call it the Weibo Rule (though in my head, Kripke from The Big Bang Theory is the narrator, and it’s the “Weibo Wule”). Take any China number widely quoted in Western media and divide by 10.
Forbes proved the rule recently, pushing the “Sina Weibo has m......
Mark Dreyer

Weekly Wrap Part 1: Golf/Sina, CBA/Red Bull, F1/没有人

Mark Dreyer 02月23日

Writing about sports and China.

Sina extends PGA Tour partnership
Golf is a sport that is set to explode in China and internet giant Sina wants in on the action. The US-based PGA Tour has agreed a three-year extension to its existing agreement with Sina to produce and manage its Chinese-language website, an arrangement that began in 2008. Mandarin-language mobile and tablet apps are also expected later this year.
Sina will also simulcast online 12 live PGA Tour tournaments every year, though the first of those – this week’s World Match Play Championship in Arizona – has seen snow hamper progr......


孙越 史上有很多传奇,更有很多英雄,他们的死彰显生命的价值。


zhangmingxiao 这个不是一起超售事件,是美联航因为内部员工需要乘坐飞机,旅客满员的情况下利用超售这个工具来达到赶下旅客的目的。

原文:美联航赶乘客下飞机 资深机长告诉你是否违规

郭杰群 在美国,地产开发商将出售资产所得在一定期限内进行类似房产的再投资可以享受一定的免税条款。这在我国当前还不具备,因此在一定程度上制约了地产商的能动性。


Lypsey3543 “据个人了解,中国一线城市住宅投资收益率不会高于3,美国可以达到6。”作者这里说的应是租金收益率。首先,因(特大)人口增长加速,在新兴市场投资房产,主要看资本利得,动态租金收益要会延后实现,静态比较同期没有太大意义。其次,物业年均持有成本,纽约和中国一线城市不可比。第三,纽约和曼哈顿是两个概念。离开曼岛,租金中位数值完全是不是一个档次。而中国一线城市的租金上涨范围更大。因为仍处于成长期。总体而言,虽然在中美两国都投资的是房产,但从收益分布特征和波动率来说,完全可以看作是差别极大的两类资产。就如同高等级债券和蓝筹股票,横比收益没有意义,因为后者大幅超越。归根结底更可能是风险偏好异质性(含Demographic factors)和经济周期所处阶段决定了投资者更偏爱哪一类。


王争春 价格和土地供给的问题,我们慢慢谈。市场有垄断市场、寡头市场和竞争市场,定价规则自然有差异。


叶伟强 需求、供给、货币,都是影响价格的重要因素

原文:房价之谜 | 悬而未决的崩盘隐忧(完整版)

zhangmingxiao 合理吗?

原文:房价之谜(三)| 中国房价到底“合理”吗?

北方的小狼 中国特色,都是小民倒霉!哎!


abcnews 张老师这篇写得精彩。看来经济解释值得再去看一遍。几点想问一下:一是中国现在外汇减少,所以关税啥的肯定不会轻易取消,走一带一路推出人民币是稳定币值的好方法,不过确实以什么为锚呢?二是日本经济停滞,但听说日本人其实是进入了伊甸园阶段,收入啥的可能没增加,实际感受却始终稳定。这算好路吗?


孙越 (强)这会说得好!特朗普跟俄国商人绝不仅仅是生意往来吧。(呵呵)