东亚人口老龄化 Ageing Population in East Asia

许筱艺 08月27日


1:6. What does this ratio mean to you, personally?
Perhaps nothing in particular. Maybe the faculty-student ratio at a liberal arts college as featured in our fancy brochures? For many Chinese youth, this ratio represents the amount of individuals they will support in retirement (two parents and four grandparents.)
Under the One Child Policy, the single child of a typical Chinese family would need to take care of four grandparents and two parents. Although the Policy, originally aimed to reduce the country’s rapid population growth, is currently undergoing reform through the lo......

Jehangir is remembered in China

巫楠 07月18日


Jehangir is remembered in China
You smiled, just like a sunflower, so warm and positive, passing that spirit of yours to everyone who was lucky to come across you. You are a sunflower all along.
By Wu Nan
I first met you in April 2003 for a job interview. You had just started writing for the Boston Globe in Beijing and needed a researcher. You ended up hiring me despite the fact that I was just a newly graduated engineering student and my English was not fluent.
You said you chose me because of a few questions and answers.
“Jehangir, what does your name mean?&rdq......
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Mark Dreyer 03月11日

Writing about sports and China.

Mark Dreyer

NBA China predictions wide of the mark

Mark Dreyer 03月05日

Writing about sports and China.

Be careful what you read about the NBA in China.
Firstly, reports – by which, of course, I mean parroted press releases – out over the last few days suggest that LeTV is now the main broadcaster of NBA games in China.
LeTV stock chart 2010-present
For all the success of LeTV – it streams popular US shows like House of Cards, Black List, Rizzoli & Isles, 2 Broke Girls and many others via Internet TVs – CCTV remains the league’s primary broadcaster in China, and shows a game live most mornings on CCTV-5.
LeTV has instead become an o......
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China’s Olympic report card

Mark Dreyer 02月26日

Writing about sports and China.

The Chinese delegation came away from Sochi with 3 gold medals, 4 silvers and 2 bronze, good for 12th in the medals table. China Sports Insider reviews the highs and lows…
Best performance
Zhang Hong, gold, 1,000 m speed skating. Starting in the 7th of 18 heats (when the top ranked skaters typically go at the end), Zhang started slowly but then turned on the burners. Her time ripped up the track record and no one even came close – her winning margin was bigger than the previous four finalscombined. Best of all, it was China’s first ever long track Ol......
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Canadian coach: Korean cheats got away with it

Mark Dreyer 02月20日

Writing about sports and China.

Tuesday night saw the much hyped re-match between China and Korea in the women’s short track speed skating relay. In summary, they battled back and forth with the lead changing hands several times, before Korea crossed the line first, with China in second – then the Chinese team were deprived of their silver after a penalty for impeding another skater.
But it now emerges that the Koreans might have been doing exactly the same as the Chinese. 
According to well-known Canadian sports columnist Bruce Arthur, Canadian short track head coach Yves Hamelin (pictured ab......
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China vs Korea Part 2: Bad blood revisited

Mark Dreyer 02月18日

Writing about sports and China.

Short track returns and the big one for China is the women’s 3,000 m relay final. China is the defending champion, but the Koreans will start as favorites having had the better form and quicker times in recent months. 
There is absolutely no love lost between these teams, especially after 2010 when China’s protest saw the Koreans penalized and the gold went to China. Chinese media have delighted in showing the reaction of the Korean coach (see below), both from that incident four years, and again last week when Korean skater Park Seung-hi was among those who crashed in th......
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China takes another shot at aerial gold

Mark Dreyer 02月17日

Writing about sports and China.

Medal count
3G, 2S, 0B – 9th place overall
Day 9 review
Sunday February 16 was a quiet one for China with Chinese athletes well down the standings in figure skating and (long track) speed skating), and one curling game that went down to the wire.
Unfortunately, Liu Rui and his team were edged out 9-8 by Canada in the first extra end. China had been up 6-3 at one point, but had to score 2 points in the 10th end to keep the match alive. The result meant Canada (7-2) moved past China (6-2) in the standings and qualified for the play-off round, but all is n......
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More gold medals on the way for China?

Mark Dreyer 02月14日

Writing about sports and China.

Well that was unexpected.
China won the 500 m women’s short track title for the fourth consecutive time – but no one would have guessed that Li Jianrou would be the one to do it – and then Zhang Hong (pictured above) won China’s first ever (long track) speed skating Olympic title in an even more stunning result. It was also the first time China has won two gold medals on the same day at a Winter Olympics.
Everything else pales by comparison, but elsewhere on Thursday February 13th, Han Tianyu and Wu Dajing made it into the quarterfinals of ......
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China wins first two Olympic golds three hours apart

Mark Dreyer 02月14日

Writing about sports and China.

Barely three hours after winning its first gold in Sochi, China has another one. Zhang Hong surprised the field by posting a sensational time early in the women's 1000 m (long track) speed skating event, that was simply too good for the rest. Her winning time of 1:14.02, set in the 7th of 18 heats (the best skaters typically go towards the end), was a massive 0.67 ahead of second place.
She finished 4th in the 500 m event on Tuesday, and this was known to be her stronger event, but it's still a stunning result. It's also China's first Olympic title in speed skating (the of......
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China’s Olympics: Day 4 review, Day 5 preview

Mark Dreyer 02月12日

Writing about sports and China.

Day 4 review
Tuesday February 11 was a solid – but ultimately disappointing – day for China. Speed skater Zhang Hong (pictured above) pulled out the performance of the day in the first run of the women’s 2 x 500 m. Her time of 37.58 was a new track record at the time, though two competitors later went faster, placing Zhang in bronze medal position at the half way point. Her second race was considerably slower at 37.99 for a 4th place finish – 0.1 seconds out of bronze – but she’ll have another chance in the 1,000 m.
Teammate Wang Beixing,......

Capitalization of Local Taxation and Public Spending on Housing Values

满燕云 05月12日


北大—林肯研究工作论文分享,详细内容请至北大-林肯研究中心官方网站免费下载全文: 此处为工作论文《Capitalization of Local Taxation and Public Spending on Housing Values: Evidence from China》内容精摘。
Capitalization of Local Taxation and Public Spending on Housing Values: Evidence from China
Joyce Yanyun Man
Peking University – Lincoln Center
College of Urban and Environmental Sciences, Peking University
Siqi Zheng
Institute of Real Estate Studies, Tsinghua University
Peking University – Lincoln Center
1      ......
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How Japan plans to beat China at 乒乓球

Mark Dreyer 03月29日

Writing about sports and China.

In recent years, Japan and China have had a, shall we say, “strained” relationship, but the Japanese may have just pulled one over their rivals in the most unlikeliest of places – table tennis, currently China’s most watched sport.
China has won 24 of a possible 28 gold medals in Olympic ping pong history, adding another 15 silver and 8 bronze. Japan, in contrast, has won a solitary silver medal in seven attempts since the sport was first included in the Olympics in 1988.
But, in perhaps the most sneaky sporting move since Myanmar handpicked most of ......

赫尔辛基购物续:感受Made in china

王新江 01月08日


“老王,这里的衣服基本都是‘Made in china’,咱们Go to nextshop吧。”媒体访芬团(上海世博会芬兰馆组委会邀请并组织,2009年11月3日至11日)成员YW君对我说道。
“哦,照理说离咱们北京也够远了,可感觉要买件非‘Made inchina’的衣服还挺费劲?”


陈酿老久 实朴

原文:还乡琐记:草木叩门 生活继续

吴春波H-R “乡田同井,出入相望,守望互助,疾病相持”,已成追忆。

原文:还乡琐记:草木叩门 生活继续

小胖子真不瘦 风口浪尖上的传奇人物!如果你就这样被打败,那你就真的太失败了,但是我相信你不是这种人,期待你东山再起的那天。


lulud 创业英雄还是欺诈惯犯


zhangmingxiao 川普执政一百多天,初见端倪


孙越 史上有很多传奇,更有很多英雄,他们的死彰显生命的价值。


zhangmingxiao 这个不是一起超售事件,是美联航因为内部员工需要乘坐飞机,旅客满员的情况下利用超售这个工具来达到赶下旅客的目的。

原文:美联航赶乘客下飞机 资深机长告诉你是否违规

郭杰群 在美国,地产开发商将出售资产所得在一定期限内进行类似房产的再投资可以享受一定的免税条款。这在我国当前还不具备,因此在一定程度上制约了地产商的能动性。


Lypsey3543 “据个人了解,中国一线城市住宅投资收益率不会高于3,美国可以达到6。”作者这里说的应是租金收益率。首先,因(特大)人口增长加速,在新兴市场投资房产,主要看资本利得,动态租金收益要会延后实现,静态比较同期没有太大意义。其次,物业年均持有成本,纽约和中国一线城市不可比。第三,纽约和曼哈顿是两个概念。离开曼岛,租金中位数值完全是不是一个档次。而中国一线城市的租金上涨范围更大。因为仍处于成长期。总体而言,虽然在中美两国都投资的是房产,但从收益分布特征和波动率来说,完全可以看作是差别极大的两类资产。就如同高等级债券和蓝筹股票,横比收益没有意义,因为后者大幅超越。归根结底更可能是风险偏好异质性(含Demographic factors)和经济周期所处阶段决定了投资者更偏爱哪一类。


王争春 价格和土地供给的问题,我们慢慢谈。市场有垄断市场、寡头市场和竞争市场,定价规则自然有差异。