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TELECOMS: Spurned by US, Huawei Turns to UK

阳歌 02月07日


Bottom line: Huawei's latest big financial commitment to the UK is mostly for show, but Britain could still emerge as a winner over the longer term if Huawei conducts more R&D work in its British labs.
Huawei gives $4.2 billion gift to UK
After getting the cold shoulder from the US for its smartphones, telecoms superstar Huawei is turning increasingly to Europe, and specifically to Britain, for consolation. That's the key takeaway from the latest reports that say Huawei has told British Prime Minister Theresa May that it will spend a further 3 billion pounds ($......

MEDIA: DreamWorks Crashes Out of China Animation JV

阳歌 02月05日


Bottom line: DreamWorks Animation's withdrawal from its China joint venture marks the end of an explosive phase in China-Hollywood tie-ups, with one-off co-production deals the most likely form of cooperation going forward.   
Take-two for DreamWorks Animation China JV
In what could herald a wave of the future, a highly-touted joint venture between DreamWorks Animation and Shanghai's China Media Capital (CMC) has come unglued, with the official departure of DreamWorks from the tie-up. This particular exit appears quite symbolic, as&nbs......

FINANCE: Ant Financial Crawls Back into Bed with Alibaba

阳歌 02月02日


Bottom line: Alibaba's purchase of 33 percent of Ant Financial looks like a shrewd move for both firms, making Ant more attractive in the run-up to an IPO likely to be one of the world's biggest this year.
Alibaba and Ant back together
In what looks like a homecoming of sorts, e-commerce giant Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) has just announced it is taking back a major stake in its Ant Financial affiliate. Followers of this pair will know they have quite a long and complex relationship, and were actually once part of the same company. But they were split apart aroun......

INTERNET: Toutiao Sues Baidu Over Search Abuse

阳歌 01月31日


Bottom line: Baidu's anti-competitive behavior alleged in a lawsuit by Jinri Toutiao won't have a long-term effect on its stock, but will draw the attention of an increasingly assertive anti-trust regulator.
Toutiao sues Baidu for manipulating search results
A humorous war of words has broken out between search leader Baidu (Nasdaq: BIDU) and news aggregating app Jinri Toutiao, also sometimes called Today's Headlines, over unfair competition in the form of search manipulation. I'll detail the allegations shortly. But on a more serious note, this partic......
As my first trip to the World Economic Forum winds down, I thought I would close out this series of reporter’s notebooks with a bit of my own experience as the lone foreigner traveling with an all-Chinese contingent from my current employer, Caixin. My own foreignness in the group didn’t even really occur to me until a low-key but eye-opening experience at the lobby of the hotel where we were staying.
In a scene that harkens back to my college days in the 1980s, Caixin chose a dormitory-like situation for the dozen of us that traveled to Davos, Switzerland, renting out a large......
When it comes to going global, China is a land where talk is cheap. The “One Belt, One Road” campaign has created a frenzy for such global talk among Chinese companies over the last couple of years, with just about anything now getting classified as a part of that initiative even if it was in the works well beforehand.
The fact of the matter is that China went global long ago, at least in one sense, since it manufactures huge amounts of goods that ultimately end up being worn, played with and used in foreign lands. But the reality is that most of those goods are bought by big ......
Global is great. Anyone who follows the China business scene probably wouldn’t need too long to guess those words were uttered by Alibaba founder Jack Ma, who was singing the praises of free trade and globalism on the second day of the World Economic Forum this week in Davos, Switzerland. Ma never saw a platform he didn’t like, including the e-commerce platforms that have made him one of the world’s richest men, as well as more figurative platforms like the World Economic Forum.
Ma’s growing embrace of globalism in many ways symbolizes the theme of my second day at......
When it comes to China, the views from the inside and outside sometimes seem worlds apart. That was a key takeaway during the opening day of my first attendance at the World Economic Forum, a pow-wow featuring of some of the world’s leading thinkers, politicians and business people that happens each year in the snowy city of Davos, Switzerland.
As a foreigner living in Beijing, I’m used to getting both sides of the China story. On the one hand there are foreigners outside China, who are increasingly anxious about the nation’s potential to create a new global financial c......

FINANCE: Alibaba’s Ant Takes a Bite of Hong Kong

阳歌 01月19日


Bottom line: Ant Financial's purchase of 20 percent of Hong Kong restaurant ratings site OpenRice looks like a smart, incremental move to boost its presence in its first major foray to build a local customer base outside China.
Ant Financial buys into HK's OpenRice
We'll close out the week with a lighter story, with word that Alibaba's (NYSE: BABA) Ant Financial affiliate has taken a nibble at Hong Kong with an investment in the territory's most popular restaurant ratings site. On a more serious note, we should point out that this particular a......
Bottom line: The inclusion of Alibaba's Taobao marketplace on the latest edition of a US blacklist for piracy signals US is taking a tougher line on trade issues.
Alibaba calls itself 'scapegoat' after landing on US blacklist
What a difference a year makes. It was just about this time a year ago that Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) founder Jack Ma scored a major coup by becoming the first major Chinese business leader to score a visit with incoming US President Donald Trump. (previous post) The pair were all smiles back then, with Ma trumpeting a plan to create 1 mil......

INTERNET: Google Re-lands on China Map

阳歌 01月17日


Bottom line: Google has quietly resumed updates of its China mapping service in a bid to tap the booming local market for location-based services.
Google resumes China mapping updates
Are they or aren't they? That's the question going through everyone's minds these days about Google's (Nasdaq: GOOG) stealth return to China, following reports that the company has quietly re-launched its previously dormant mapping service in the market. In this case there are quite a few conflicting signals, including the one coming from Google itself, which says nothing has ......
Bottom line: Huawei's decision to go ahead with a US market entry for its latest high-end phone, despite collapse of a tie-up with AT&T, is likely to produce very limited results due to lack of a carrier partner.
Huawei goes solo into US
If you can't get a serious business partner, at least get a pretty face. That seems to be the message coming from a frustrated Huawei, which has announced it has signed on "Wonder Woman" star and model Gal Gadot as chief experience officer as it prepares to enter the US. This somewhat frivolous move was most likely part of......

INTERNET: Meituan Aims at Didi With Ride Into Car Sharing

阳歌 01月10日


Bottom line: Meituan's move into shared car services is likely to reignite a price war with incumbent Didi, and could be aimed at generating excitement ahead of a mega-IPO later this year. 
Meituan entering shared cars
Just days after reports emerged that car-sharing giant Didi Chuxing would pedal into the shared bike market, new reports are saying that group buying giant Meituan-Dianping is driving into Didi's own shared car services space. These two stories underscore a theme that comes up time and again in the China tech world, whereby cash-r......

SMARTPHONES: LeEco Sells Down Coolpad Stake

阳歌 01月08日


Bottom line: LeEco's sell-down of its Coolpad stake is a prelude to disposal of the remainder, and could presage a sale of Coolpad to another smartphone maker later this year.
LeEco sells down Coolpad stake
The unraveling of former online video superstar LeEco (Shenzhen: 300104) continues as we head into the new week, with word the company has sold off a significant chunk of its stake in struggling smartphone maker Coolpad (HKEx: 2369) for a fraction of what it paid. This particular news is significant for a number of reasons, only one of which involves ......

INTERNET: Didi Chuxing Drives Into Bikes, Brazil

阳歌 01月05日


Bottom line: Didi's Brazilian acquisition looks relatively shrewd and could be followed by more such moves in developing markets, while its purchase of a local bike-sharing firm looks less prudent.
Didi drives into Brazil
China's homegrown Uber is in a couple of headlines as we round out the first week of the new year,  reflecting its global aspirations and also its desire to expand beyond its original car-based services at home. The first headline has Didi Chuxing making its first major overseas acquisition in Brazil, while the second has it bu......

FINANCE: US Squashes Ant Financial’s MoneyGram Dream

阳歌 01月03日


Bottom line: The collapse of Ant Financial's purchase of MoneyGram reflects growing resistance from a Trump administration willing to mix business and politics in its relationship with China.
Ant's purchase of MoneyGram sinks
In yet the latest sign that the Donald Trump administration intends to take a hard line towards Chinese M&A, Washington has killed a $1.2 billion deal that would have seen Alibaba-affiliated (NYSE: BABA) Ant Financial purchase US money-transfer specialist MoneyGram (Nasdaq: MGI). This particular development isn't a ......
Bottom line: Google's launch of a China AI lab marks the latest step in its campaign to curry favor with Beijing, which could give it a 50-50 chance of being allowed to sell its Pixel phones and open a China Google Play store in 2018.
Google's China return like watching grass grow
Chronicling Google's (Nasdaq: GOOG) slow march back to China has been a bit like watching grass grow these days. It's been a painfully slow process, including the latest announcement that the company will open an artificial intelligence (AI) lab here in Beijing.  Put more cyn......

【一】付费新闻的 “天价” 真的让人负担不起吗?

姜雅玲 12月12日

现为双语撰稿人、口译,Impact Hub 上海创始成员。

今早伴着阴沉的天气,在上班路上听 BBC Radio 4 的媒体评论节目 The Media Show,听到来自 FT 主编一段刺耳但真实的言论:I see young people with their 2.20 Cappuccino, latte or whatever from Starbucks, and then holding the Metro(地铁站和巴士上的免费报纸). They are willing to pay for good coffee, but they are not willing to pay for good journalism. 
长着一副八卦小报脸的 Metro 现为英国发行量最大的报纸
Bottom line: Alibaba's plan to roll out 2,000 of its high-tech Hema grocery stores looks overly aggressive but typical for the company, and could prove costly if the concept fails to catch on.
Alibaba has big plans for Hema
E-commerce giant Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) is pretty much a carbon copy of its founder Jack Ma when it comes to standing still, in that the concept is completely foreign to both. I've been critical of the company in the past for getting into too many things too quickly without a coherent big-picture plan, and that's what seems to be happening onc......

INTERNET: Twitter Tweets Indecisively Around China

阳歌 12月08日


Bottom line: Twitter's conservative approach to China reflects a broader indecision at the company that is limiting its growth potential.
Twitter shackled by indecision in China
While social networking giant Facebook (Nasdaq: FB) actively flirts with China in a bid to enter the world's largest Internet market, the smaller, struggling Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) seems unable to make up its mind. That seems to be the key takeaway from a new interview on the prickly subject of China between Maya Hari, Twitter's Asia Pacific chief, and Caixin, a well-respec......


陈酿老久 实朴

原文:还乡琐记:草木叩门 生活继续

吴春波H-R “乡田同井,出入相望,守望互助,疾病相持”,已成追忆。

原文:还乡琐记:草木叩门 生活继续

小胖子真不瘦 风口浪尖上的传奇人物!如果你就这样被打败,那你就真的太失败了,但是我相信你不是这种人,期待你东山再起的那天。


lulud 创业英雄还是欺诈惯犯


zhangmingxiao 川普执政一百多天,初见端倪


孙越 史上有很多传奇,更有很多英雄,他们的死彰显生命的价值。


zhangmingxiao 这个不是一起超售事件,是美联航因为内部员工需要乘坐飞机,旅客满员的情况下利用超售这个工具来达到赶下旅客的目的。

原文:美联航赶乘客下飞机 资深机长告诉你是否违规

郭杰群 在美国,地产开发商将出售资产所得在一定期限内进行类似房产的再投资可以享受一定的免税条款。这在我国当前还不具备,因此在一定程度上制约了地产商的能动性。


Lypsey3543 “据个人了解,中国一线城市住宅投资收益率不会高于3,美国可以达到6。”作者这里说的应是租金收益率。首先,因(特大)人口增长加速,在新兴市场投资房产,主要看资本利得,动态租金收益要会延后实现,静态比较同期没有太大意义。其次,物业年均持有成本,纽约和中国一线城市不可比。第三,纽约和曼哈顿是两个概念。离开曼岛,租金中位数值完全是不是一个档次。而中国一线城市的租金上涨范围更大。因为仍处于成长期。总体而言,虽然在中美两国都投资的是房产,但从收益分布特征和波动率来说,完全可以看作是差别极大的两类资产。就如同高等级债券和蓝筹股票,横比收益没有意义,因为后者大幅超越。归根结底更可能是风险偏好异质性(含Demographic factors)和经济周期所处阶段决定了投资者更偏爱哪一类。


王争春 价格和土地供给的问题,我们慢慢谈。市场有垄断市场、寡头市场和竞争市场,定价规则自然有差异。